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Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation. Conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. At about this time there came forth a lady by the name of Addie Olivia Truman. Addie had a home located on 2nd North and 126 West in St. George, Utah. Addie had beloved family that required constant care so she decided to convert her family home into a Rest Home. In 1951 the first Rest Home in Southern Utah was open as the Truman Rest Home. A 15 bed facility located one block from the Brigham Young Winter Home.

Over the next 30 years Truman Rest Home became the leader in the care of the Elderly person in St. George and surrounding areas. For over 20 years Addie owned and managed the Truman Rest Home. Addie dedicated her life to the care of the frail and elderly.

The rest home was acquired by the Cooper family and became Cooper's Rest Haven during the 1970's into early '80's. Then in 1984 Cooper's Rest Haven was acquired again and finally became known as Porter's Nursing Home. Named after the owner Jim Porter. Mr. Porter owned the facility until 1993 when he sold the facility to the current owner John Bramall. Porter's Nursing and Rehabilitation has been a pillar in the St. George area for over 50 years. Over those years the facility has gone through a number of renovations and expansions. Currently, Porter's Nursing and Rehabilitation is licensed to hold 53 patients. To this day the facility is highly regarded and known as one of the finest providers of elderly care in Utah.  In November 2011, Seasons Health Group purchased the home and changed the name to Seasons Health and Rehab.

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