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Iron County Nursing Home

Iron County Nursing Home was constructed by the county in 1953. We have been trusted by the local community to provide excellent care for the last 50 years. Our small size allows us to be more homelike than some of the large hospital-like buildings. Each of our rooms is semi-private. Each one with its own bathroom and shower for the convenience of the residents. We also have a central shower room for those who need extra help with bathing. Each resident room has a large picture window and a great view of the mountains just to the South of us, as well as an outside door and small patio area. Our residents and families are encouraged to decorate their rooms in a manner that helps it feel more like home. We are a skilled nursing facility and also provide rehabilitation for for short and long-term residents. Professionals provide physical, speech and occupational therapy on premises in our therapy area. We are staffed around the clock with licensed professionals to see to every need of our residents.

Our dietary staff are well known for their excellent meals. Most items are still made from scratch. During the week it's not unusual for the smell of fresh bread to completely fill the building. For those with diet restrictions or special requirements, we have a Registered Dietician to help plan menus and individual diets. Activities are a normal part of each day. Music, movies, cooking classes, pet therapy, are just a few of the activities enjoyed by the residents. We have a full-time Therapuetic Recreational specialist on staff to evaluate and provide for a broad range of interests. Many volunteers supplement the program by providing music, visits, letter writing, and most of all, their time.

Applying for Medicaid and dealing with various government offices can sometimes by a daunting task. One of our staff members specializes in just this time of thing. We are always more than happy to help with Medicaid applications, VA paperwork, Medicare and Social Security, as well as helping residents and families manage their funds, if requested.

As you can see, we are a full-service nursing home. We can provide for your medical and rehabilitation needs as well as help you feel at home. We believe that the two go hand in hand.

Our staff are constantly being trained and updated so that they can provide the very best service. Key personnel are as follows:
    Medical Director - Thomas Marshall, M.D.
    Administrator - Daren Lauritzen
    Nursing Director - Elizabeth Humphreys, R.N.
    Dietary Supervisor - Betsy Cahoon, F.S.S.
    Therapeutic Activities - Joylynn Matheson, T.R.T
    Patient Services - Jeanese McElfresh
    Laundry Supervisor - Susan Benson
Our entire staff are trained professionals dedicated to serving the needs of our residents. Background checks are conducted annually on all employees as well as newly hired individuals. All licenses, registrations and certificates are current and updated as needed.

Parowan is a small town of about 3500 people located 20 miles north of Cedar City. We are tucked up against the foot of mountain below Brian Head ski resort. Due to the small town atmosphere, we have a low turnover rate for employees. A couple of employees have been here for over 15 years. The small town also lends itself to good neighbors, quiet streets, and almost no crime rate. Some of our residents are capable of walking around the block and have made friends at the city office, the barber shop and other places where people see them walk by and wave. The local elementary school teachers often include us in their progams and special activities. Holidays bring groups of children to help us celebrate and show off their talents. Parowan is the county seat and so we also host the County Fair. Many of our residents make items for the exhibits and have won many blue ribbons over the years. The parades in town are planned so that they originate right next to the nursing home. Our residents get the first look and the best candy.

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