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Traditions Health Care’s governing values are: 

a.      We value teamwork. We seek partnerships with our employees, our patients, and all of our customers in the facilitation of our unique approach to patient care.  We fight our patient’s fear, insecurity, stress, and anxiety with education and compassion. We rebuild confidence in one’s self, restore hope that has seemed lost and instill the desire to continue the fight for wellness. 

b.      We value the interdisciplinary approach to care. We apply clinical expertise in a true interdisciplinary format, facilitating the highest level of life and care possible in a long term care setting. 

c.      We value our employees. We provide a work environment for our employees offering mutual respect, autonomy, and partnership, which facilitate self-satisfaction and a desire to foster true collaborative teamwork. Our reputation is based on the performance of individuals who not only meet the physical needs of patients but care about them as well.  It is based on a company whose motivation is grounded in its mission. 

d.     We value the power of recognition. We reward initiative in the betterment of patient care and encourage individual contributions in perfecting our plan. We attribute our success to the hard work and dedication of our people and their belief in our vision. We believe our people are partners, and it is this synergy that moves our company. 

e.      We value our community. Our customers are those in and beyond the healthcare industry who share our mission of providing the very best environment and clinical services for long term care. 

f.       We value integrity. We are honest and ethical. We believe in the power of our program and the people who implement it.  We are proud of our company and what it represents. We believe that our residents are not only sick but also broken, and we believe that healing takes place faster and more complete from the inside out. 

g.      We value our future. We will secure the future educational, clinical and financial viability of Traditions Health Care by maintaining quality programs and supporting centers of excellence that will enable the corporation to achieve a leading position in healthcare.


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